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Exclamation NFSHP 2010 optimization

Hello folks
I have a problem : I am playing NFSHP2010 and the game is not really shining on my videocards : a GTS 450@850MHz or a more recent GTX560@925MHz. I cant get more than 30fps @1920x1080. AA is not activated, activating AF does not seem to make a change. The platform that I am gaming on is a 2P Opteron with the 2419s clocked at 1.8GHz and 6 GB RAM. The game seemed fine on the GTS 450 when I was gaming on the Xeon rig from my sig but I exchanged PCs with the lady and now the performance drop is dramatic. Modifying the shading level in the game menu seems to make most of the difference but cars look way dimmer but the FPS shoots up to 45FPS when I do that. Is there anything I can tweak or do I need another platform? I am thinking core i3 2120 most probably.
Will appreciate your input. I will also start NFS Shift 2 soon so I will see how that goes.
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