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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dav3 View Post
Can you Put your os on an ssd with Raid 1 ( 2 drives in exact same state )? Would it slow the performance? Would it be noticeable? So in the event 1 drive failed it would keep running and i could just swap another ssd to replace the failed and it would copy?
Typically RAID 1 increases read speed (on a good controller) and leaves write speed the same as a regular HD or SSD. If one drive fails it will notify you and it would reimage itself onto the new drive when installed and told to.

Originally Posted by Dav3 View Post
Can you set 3 drives in there so in the event 1 fails it just picks the spare and copies to that and notifies you? Or something so you replace the drive again?
With an onboard ICH10R (Intel chipset on motherboard) this can be configured. The spare drive has to be "marked as spare" in Rapid Storage Technology toolbox. Dedicated RAID cards should be able to do that and more. Some people would just do RAID 5 instead, however.

Originally Posted by Dav3 View Post
What ssd's and hdds would you recommend? Intel 520 and WD Red? I was thinking 3x reds in 3 tb and 3 x 180 ssd or possibly larger?
If using the onboard Intel chipset then I'd definitely stay with Intel SSD's simply because they are supposed to be able to pass along TRIM commands to SSD's in RAID. Intel SSDs aren't a bad choice no matter what.

Again, for the intel based RAID you won't typically need the Reds either.... I'm using regular Seagate 500GB HDs and they work just fine.
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