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My System Specs


In my opinion I can't see console gaming dying off that quickly because you still can't beat playing on a huge screen, on your couch, with surround sound when comparing it to a tablet. Chrisk, check out the OUYA that got successfuly funded through kickstarter. An Android console is already coming. In regards to the AAA titles I fully agree developers need to be given more time to flesh out games and do things outside of the box, but when a publisher is sinking tens of millions of dollars into a single game there do need to be deadlines and how can they justify taking a risk on a new type of game that hasn't been proven to sell well in the game market? This is why you will see people getting way more enjoyment out of playing $10 indie titles made by a few guys that are new and fresh. It's hard for a group of guys like that to get a game onto a console though due to licencing fees. XBLA has helped with that a bit though. This is why I'd love to see a console from Valve, where they could hopefully bring the same model they have with Steam to a console.

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