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My System Specs


SSD is not a lot different then HDD for raid other then the TRIM as long as you are using INTEL you shouldn't have a problem , as for if you should use a RAID card again it depends on what motherboard you are using and how many drives and SATA ports your board has available . as far as I know you will not notice a difference in speed between a single drive and 2 drives in RAID .

Intel , Samsung , Crucial , plextor are all very good and reliable drives and yea WD red is a great choice for storage drives.

I had 2 128gb Samsung 830's in RAID 0 as my OS drive but reverted back to 1 256gb 830 because I have a AMD setup and can't use TRIM . I am no RAID GuRU but I do try and learn what I can , all of what you said seems very do able.
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