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Default SSD Raid 1 os, a few 3tb in raid 1 as well for storage. Advisable?

Looking upgrade to SSD as well as run Raid 1 as well as having some 3tb drives in raid 1 for backed up storage and have questions!

Can you Put your os on an ssd with Raid 1 ( 2 drives in exact same state )? Would it slow the performance? Would it be noticeable? So in the event 1 drive failed it would keep running and i could just swap another ssd to replace the failed and it would copy?

Can you set 3 drives in there so in the event 1 fails it just picks the spare and copies to that and notifies you? Or something so you replace the drive again?

Can I put true crypt on this? Would it affect performance or anything?

What ssd's and hdds would you recommend? Intel 520 and WD Red? I was thinking 3x reds in 3 tb and 3 x 180 ssd or possibly larger?

Should I get a raid card? Or would on board be sufficient?

In the extreme event of hardware failures would i be able to put 1 drive with true crpte'd and read it on a diff machine to extract files...if i know the pw?

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