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Good idea. Thank you!

I will try and break it down in the Test Method page for peeps. Probably wont cover ALL the basses and have some overlap on NAND type (most common is ONFi 2...with good reason) but will see what I can do to cover as many as possible.

IMHO, the only time people should be looking at ONFi 1 NAND drives is when price is their only concern. The trade offs are just so big. Of course there are always exceptions and as they pop up I will try and keep them in the charts.

Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
As noted in the review, there's little to distinguish one Sandforce 2281 drive from another (using the same NAND type) with the arguable exception of Intel's distinctive firmware.

What I would love to see on the comparisons is a representative of each controller type, at least for drives within the same generation as the focus of the review. Sandforce, Indilinx, Marvell, Samsung and Intel all being included would make comparisons easier.

Of course, this is complicated by the four different NAND interfaces (MLC asynchronous, MLC synchronous, Toggle and TLC) currently used; the result could be a painfully large chart. In either case, what would be of help would be to label the results by controller and NAND type, rather than a model name. For those who don't deal with these drives on a regular basis, keeping track of what models carry which controller and NAND combination requires searching out older reviews to identify each drive's internals. For clarity, the test setup page could specify what specific drive is representing each combination, or have an average result for a class (e.g. SF2281 with Toggle NAND).

Side note: Conclusion page, second paragraph under the Neutron GTX 240GB subtitle, second sentence is a little garbled.
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