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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Download CMRR's sani erase. extract it to a Dos bootable USB thumb drive, reboot. Run it. THEN re-initialize the SSD (run windows installer and format it...then you can stop). This will nuke the data and unless he has access to a clean room the buyer aint recovering the data (though the only 100% way is Thermite...and burn it into a puddle of goo....if you need a recipe just let me know :P). If you dont reinitialize it and he doesnt use it on the new rig he could lock up the ssd temporarily. Big old PITA. So re-initialize the drive and reformat it for him. Then you are safe and he will be happy. :)

CMRR - Secure Erase
Just an outsider looking in, but thanks for the info.
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