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Originally Posted by bliz View Post
I think that when you have an overclocked card that artifacts and heats as hell ,you used all the power of the GPU :P

But imagine 10 years ago? we had ugly 3D and now we have photorealistic games like BF3, and in 10 years??????? more complex scenes, that will work easy ,and with 10000x5000 resolutions ,the eye won't see the pixels :D , so yeah I'm thinking about new technologies, like holograms :D
All this is really over the top and unneeded IMO. The only thing that will improve and get bigger is the bank accounts of those who come up the new stuff, they CREATE a need, otherwise who would really want that. I don't see any pixels in my 1080p display, but create a need and hype and people will move to whatever trend created...... 3D projections in thin air, and holograms, the technology really exists out there, but not marketed - it is very limited and would be so much expensive. The next biggest thing will be OLED, which willg et so much better and bigger, will make LCDs obsolete eventually as they become affordable. Then multi GPU single cards, much more powerful iGPU, etc. It's not over folks, prepare your wallets.

Yes Mario 64 - I remember people raving about the advanced technology and the "64" being the big thing.......Now you see games that look like movies. What I'm wondering with the more advanced gfx cards to come in a very distant future, if air cooling will be on the way out and at minimum water cooling will be a requirement for new generation of cards.

Oh and when I said power I was not referring to GPU usage necessarily but the full capacity of the features inside the GPU. Meaning, games are not really optimized to 100% of the hardware, impossible, if they were, games would run so much faster and perform better on GPUs a few generations down. SO that game that overheats your GPU and that seems to push it to its limit, is it really ?

Forget games, look at graphics card drivers. Proof of that, certain games had issues with some older driver revisions (NVIDIA). You often see new forceware releases that claim to increase speed in some games.......

Back in the days I remember discussions on how the creative sound card drivers tap into 30-40% of the true potential of the hardware. Maybe this is intentional - when a company releases a product, they alreayd have specs for their next gen technology, but it is held back - that's a good way to make money. Instead of releasing the perfect product that has it all........
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