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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
That's probably patent-encumbered

The graphics quality of the games these days are "good enough" for me, but more powerful GPUs will continue to be needed for decades IMHO,
Decades ? Are you sure ? You would be surprised - There might come a time when you buy a graphics card one day and it's obsolete in 3 months (Oh wait, isn't that the case already ? lol).

even if we don't call them GPUs anymore. Try not to limit your thinking to higher resolution textures:
They will be called HWSP. (Holographic World Super Processors).

Other stuff that could be cool is better physics in materials of games. For instance, what about throwing in REAL materials properties into a game. Think for example if you throw a grenade into a building with occupants in an FPS, the unfortunate victims don't just have generic red spots or scripted destruction of limbs, but you can actually see the shrapnel bits from the 'nade and some random furniture fragments sent flying in the explosion.
This is all possible now and could be done - it all comes down to the engine - More complexity means more budget means more time, and it's the exact opposite of game companies now, maybe a few exceptions.

But the problem is consoles, I mean we are seeing PC ported from consoles, so will PC gamers be at the mercy of console technology ? Or will we see some exclusive PC titles that will really take FULL advantage of the actual hardware instead of only partial. I am skeptic about that.
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