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Originally Posted by bliz View Post
OK, bigger resolutions is a point. but i think we are already close :X

Crysis Versus Real Life - YouTube

Yah ok ,when we look the ground of a game, any texture is blurry and the grass structure is always flat 2d...
for the future,people will probably play with 5000x8000 resolutions with extra detailed screens,and yea ,that would need big cards..
Remember also that most GPUs out there are never fully taken advantage of their full capacity - It all comes down to game code / engine / optimizations, etc. Right now some games can have a moderate amount of polygons with good textures and some people's eyes will mask this and look at the eye candy and textures. But are games really pushing the full limits of the hardware ? I don't believe even consoles do that.

There is still lots of ground to cover - increasing polygons, texture, better physics, more complex scenes, etc. problem is now with tighter schedules and games rushing out, is it possible?
I'm sure that so many years down the line Battlefield 3 will be considered to people like the original duke'em 3D DOS game lol - who knows what people will be playing and at what resolutions. Modern games may APPEAR realistic but a trained eye can still spot differences (polygons, textures, etc.)

Question is now - Is this all really needed ? In my opinion no - I think current hardware still can be pushed, it is game optimization and clever use of textures that can be refined. I'm sure people will appreciate a game with a good story, longevity and replay factor more so than analysing poly count and all the technical stuff. What good is a photo realistic game if you can finish it in 5 hours, weak story, not much of a replay value, etc (sounds familiar people???) Some way older games lacked the realism but had the game play, story and replay value. Although I wouldn't mind playing my favourite game in holographic 3D projection or being actually INSIDE the game :P I can already think of a few games I'd like to be inside of ! :D
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