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My System Specs


The big thing I remember about consoles is that the console makers lost money on the console and hardware in order to make up the revenue on the game-side. Took years for Sony and MS to break even on the hardware, IIRC.

This will/could be the model:

- gaming tablet with modest battery life due to powerful SoC. Still portable, but mostly meant to be parked in front of a TV most of the time.
- proprietary port for optical drive sold separately (since games would be purchased via online store, leaving out the brick retailers o course....). You want a BR drive? Buy it.
- ability to run apps from Android/Windows platform.

Once mobile/tablet devices get a bit more powerful, the console won't be needed...just a gaming skin/launcher for a high-end mobile tablet. Heck, they could do this now...just ask Qualcomm/Samsung/nVidia to produce a SoC with a more powerful GPU, with little regard to battery life (since the 'gaming tablet' will see a lot of time in front of a TV with easy access to power) and then game developers can start making games that will work on multiple devices.

Think TegraZone on steroids. Sony, with their experience with Android already, and MS with Windows RT, could do this very, very easily. Heck, they might even manage to not lose much money on the 'tabletsole' side.

edit: Son could very easily go one step further; integrate the SoC into their televisions, to make a 'Playstation Certified' television setup, so that folks could buy a television that could run on the Playstation ecosystem, giving people one less device to have sitting in living rooms. Would still have special ports and such for optical drives, controllers, etc.
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