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I agree with the article, that the gaming console is dying. Even now they're being marketed as HTPCs (movie playing, web browser, etc). Continue that trend and instead of a gaming machine that does "other stuff", you get an HTPC that plays games. Microsoft is heading in that direction, pushing casual games on to Windows 8 / RT (if you own Windows 8, click on the big green Games tile to see this one).

One of the big advantages of the console before was the "set-and-forget" nature of the game where you'd "just" insert the disc and the game runs. I'd argue that has been erased actually by newer PC games and cell phone apps that generally work without needing any geek level of intervention. Since the console is no longer more "accessible", then it's only advantage can be the games, which aren't as good anymore

As DarKStar mentioned, it would probably help if the publishers stopped rushing the devs to release a half-baked game for $60. The way it is now, I'm surely not going to get a new console to play Halo <Insert high number> or Call of Duty: <Insert subtitle> <Insert high number>; heck I won't pay full price for the PC versions either.
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