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I would drop the H60 (even if its the new 2.0 model....which I dont think it is) for the new H80i. Software control over the fans == perfect noise profile. Only 20 bucks or so more $$$. Otherwise I probably would opt for the Antec Kuhler 620...or NEW Corsair H60 2.0

I would upgrade from the TX to a different PSU. Not a big fan of the lower Corsair PSU line.

I too would go with a dif case.Not a fan of TT cases.

The SSD is a tad outdated. Some better options are the SanDisk Extreme series, Corsair GS. Samsung 840 Pro. Intel 520. Corsair Neutron and Neutron GTX. Mushy Chronos DELUXE.

The keyboard is a good one, but I prefer the GB Osmium to it. YMMV on this one.
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