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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Android/IOS/Windows RT will replace the console; maybe we will see another generation of console hardware, but mobile devices are the future. You will see a skinned Android device for Sony Playstation at some point, and Windows RT for MS Xbox platform.
I definitely agree with this, although mobile devices are so limited, it seems there is a market for everything. Consoles are not on their way out yet as there are new ones that will come out, but probably it will decline or remain steady. As far as PC, I was one of those back then that was skeptic about the future of PC gaming. One thing for sure, PC gaming is not going to disappear anytime soon, quite the opposite. What worries me is the quality of games (rushed games, way shorter games, playability, etc) compared to games of the past. I think some companies are focusing on eye candy first and gameplay last and games being too short.
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