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Well, I think there will still be a place for them for at least one or two more generations. After all, MS has sold over 70 million Xbox 360s.

I was always a big video game fan and I've had pretty much every console since Colecovision with the exception of dreamcast and PS3, and I've gamed on PC since Commodore 64. However, I don't think I will be getting the new Xbox or PS..... PC gaming seems to be at a place where the consoles just can't compete graphically and the games aren't all just poor ports of their console counterparts like many used to be. Not to mention the wider selection of controls and the portability of laptops.

I find that Wii is still fun to play when there are multiple people, but it's the simplicity of games like Mario, MarioKart, Warioware and Wii sports that makes it great IMO. The epic adventures, RTS and FPS are a better experience on PC. I will probably still pick up a WiiU, even if it is only for a few exclusive titles like Mario, MarioKart, SmashBros etc.

Also, smartphones and tablets have taken a big chunk of the market away from consoles. It still surprises me to see young nieces/nephews sitting in a room that has a Wii and Xbox360 and a 40"+ TV, not to mention that they have DSis, playing on their iphones.... but that's what I see happening all the time. I am curious to see what full Windows 8 tablets and some of the ridiculous small ultraooks like the Acer S7 will be able to run for games in the near future.
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