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Don't worry - there will always be a way for money to be made. It's not just a question of adding more realism to games - believe me there are lots more ground to cover in games. Realism / detail settings is just one thing. Remember that as years go by so will resolution, maybe a day will come where 1080p will be so far back ... and people will be playing at mega resolutions - this will require more GPU horsepower!
Also - newer games will have the same realism and features but more complex scenes (a lot more happening in the same scene!) there will come a time where cinematic cut scenes will no longer need to be rendered, and be all realtime (actually it is so in most games but I'm talking about the realtime being just as good as the CG stuff!) There is lots more ground to cover. Sure, if you intend on playing at lower resolutions than the high-end stuff, your card will last you a while longer actually. Where there is money to be made, anything is possible. They could invent some new engine requiring a new feature available on new graphics cards, and if you don't have it, you won't get the extra feature......Does it sound familiar ? ;)

One of these days you will be playing your games at 4k-8k resolutions, maybe more, on your gigantic screen, in full holographic projection 3D - I can guarantee you that you will need a new graphics card for that ! lol. By the time this comes to be, you probably won't have to worry about desktop PCs, windows and cards anymore, mind you, I think there will be a big shift.

Originally Posted by bliz View Post
Hey,this must have been said several times but i'm thinking that in 2012 we have extremely realistic games to play,like BF3 or crysis 2 or Minecraft

Well i think that there will be a moment that making ULTRA detailed games will be too much work for developers and games won't use much more GPU power..

Battlefield 3 , perfect lighting,Crysis 1 modded, perfect vegetation,(Minecraft... nevermind...) runs 120 FPS with a 680... will the game developpers add so much more details to piss of those GPU's? when you see a scenery or crysis 1 or far cry 3,it's like they can't add more stuff so yeah,what will Nvidia do? pay developers to stop optimizing their games? i agree it's not for now but well in 5 years, there will be cards 5x more powerful than a 680 and will that be useful?
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