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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
weren't those voltage/temps concerns only for air setups? if he's on liquid, he should be to go above 1.3v and get some pretty decent results?
Sure, water is going to keep the chip cooler than air, but using higher voltage than the factory spec will still have an effect over time. If you plan on keeping the PC for a long time then it may be wise to run a more mild overclock.

This is purely speculation, but I bet even with a custom loop running an 3770k chip at 1.4V & 4.9 or 5.0GHz it still run warmer than you would like. The tri-Gate transistors on these chips just run hot once you hit that 4.6/1.3V mark. Unless you take a chance by removing the IHS of the chip and run on the bare die it will still run hot.

To my knowledge theres really no way of knowing how much it affects chip longetevity or degradation. You will probably upgrade before it bites the dust. Is an extra 300MHz and 200mV to get there worth the risk of damaging the chip?

Thats just my opinion. I don't need to run a 5.0GHz clock 24/7. If I can get there thats great, then drop back to a more sensible speed for regular use.

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