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Default When more powerful GPU's won't be needed...

Hey,this must have been said several times but i'm thinking that in 2012 we have extremely realistic games to play,like BF3 or crysis 2 or Minecraft

Well i think that there will be a moment that making ULTRA detailed games will be too much work for developers and games won't use much more GPU power..

Battlefield 3 , perfect lighting,Crysis 1 modded, perfect vegetation,(Minecraft... nevermind...) runs 120 FPS with a 680... will the game developpers add so much more details to piss of those GPU's? when you see a scenery or crysis 1 or far cry 3,it's like they can't add more stuff so yeah,what will Nvidia do? pay developers to stop optimizing their games? i agree it's not for now but well in 5 years, there will be cards 5x more powerful than a 680 and will that be useful?
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