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My System Specs


If it is between them three then the GTX-480 is going to be the fastest card out of that batch ,but you may wish you had'nt got it when you hear how loud it is when playing a game that needs the power.IF I was you I would go with a Plain GTX-660 ,you can get one for around $219 and it is a lot faster then a GTX-480 plus It only uses around 115 watts of power verus the 220 watts a GTX-480 would use and it sound like a jet when it has a full load on it ,plus it runs very hot .It runs in the upper 88C with a full load and the GTX-660 runs around 55C with a load.You will be kicking your self if you get a GTX-480 and could have got a GTX-660 for around $20 to $30 more.Or at Least I would .I had the GTX-470 infact I had a Tri SLI GTX-470 set-up and it was loud ,very irritating.When I got my GTX-670's it was like Heaven ,my case fans were louder then my video cards and they are Silent X fans.You want be sorry if you go with the GTX-660 ,I would go with the Gigabyte GTX-660 $209 with the $20 rebate.In the future if you need more power you can always go with another GTX-660 for SLi and not have to worry about needed a big power supply since they just draw around 115watts.Just look at the reviews very closely and you will see what I am saying.
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