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The temps shouldn't change from day to day, what the temps are under load after 15 minutes will be same (or should if you have the cooling setup properly) as after an hour. You don't really need a week to see the temps. Get a program like Prime 95 or OCCT (which actually provides some handy graphs during the testing) and run it for an hour then you will see what your load temps are like. If they are getting to a point that you find uncomfortable then tone down the volts (which likely means your overclock) until the load temps sit where you like them.

As was said above, Ivy Bridge chips have a real 'cliff' when it comes to temperature. You can increase voltage up to a certain amount with only minor increases in temps and then suddenly each tiny bump in voltage will bring large jumps in temperature. This usually occurs around the 1.45v range if I remember correctly. The Ivy is pretty hardy though and I've heard (although I wouldn't if it was me) that some people run regular into the 70-80C range with their daily clocks.

Every chip is different and that is why you will see some people binning chips to find the ones that give the very best performance at the very least amount of volts and why you won't really see anyone giving numbers on voltage limits or preferences. Most people have their own personal beliefs/preferences about volts/temps that they stick with.

Good luck with your loop, post some pics!
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