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My System Specs


Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
I'm thinking I should be able to go up to 4.5 on the clock. (or do you think i could go higher/lower?)
Mine runs at 4.5GHz with 1.200 Vcore set in the bios and Load line calibration set to the second highest setting. You shouldn't need to go higher than 1.3V to achieve a few 100MHz higher. I am 100% stable on air and I think that this is a very safe overclock. Temps range from 50-60 degrees during stress testing.

Keep in mind that these chips get hot when you start going past 4.6GHz/1.3V. It is due to the tri-Gate transistors used with these Ivy Bridge chips iirc. So as long as you aren't going past 1.35-1.4V and temperatures are not much higher than 70-80 degrees during stress testing you are ok. Running the chip hot with 1.4V fully loaded 24/7 will surely lower the lifespan of the chip. (You will probably replace your setup before it 'dies' though)

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