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Default Vcore and overclocking question

Something I'm doing is building out a liquid cooled system that will include an i7-3770k. I've been doing a lot of research on what is a safe VCORE for overclocking and I've been getting nothing but numbers with no theory or explanations to validate the numbers or help me learn why what they chose. So keeping in mind that I have an unlocked CPU that I can adjust clock and voltage as I see fit, how do you figure out what i safe on the CPU? I'm looking for performance, and since I'm liquid cooling in a room that is an average of 65 degrees year round with no humidity, I should be able to regulate temperature just fine. (I'm running a dual 120 rad and a triple 120 rad in my loop)

So when it comes to overclocking and VCORE, what is safe, where do you see lifetime degradation vs performance degradation? Is there a good practice or solid numbers on this specific CPU that I'm missing? And I guess in general what, if any, increase will I see upping the VCORE when overclocking the clock? I'm thinking I should be able to go up to 4.5 on the clock. (or do you think i could go higher/lower?)
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