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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
Oooooooh baby that looks great! I can't wait to see this badboy painted and mounted. I thought of getting something similar for my build and now I regret not doing it!

Can you explain to me how that will be mounted. It seems to me as though it just goes in the drive bays as anything else but will the top and bottom 5.25" bay's be unusable?
Yeah, the 5.25 bays will be unusable, but that's okay, because that's the way I designed it. I have a Bluray drive, but that will be tucked away and in an enclosure, so I'll just pull it off the shelf and hook it in whenever I need it. Otherwise, there will be nothing in the 5.25 bay except the Aquaero unit to control fans and the pump.

Essentially, there's "flaps" like on a lot of 5.25 devices located on the very top, and the very bottom to mount the panel into the bays. The Aquaero has it's own "flaps" to mount in the 5.25 bays, so, without its faceplate, it will be mounted into this custom faceplate to look flush and clean.

You could design something similar so you could still utilize the drive bays, and I'm sure he'd be able to do it.
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