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Small update for today. Unfortunately, my 7870 needs to be sent in for RMA which really skews my hope for having it done in the next week, but, rest assured, I'll have more this weekend.

DWood's custom Aquaero Panel that will be going in:

This is the rough outline he sent me. It only took like 3 PM's to get it from idea to final draft.

And this is the panel already cut and bent, and ready for paint. It has shipped so it should be here Monday or Tuesday!

The panel has 5.25 flaps for mounting it in the bays, the Aquaero will be mounted flush into the plate so there's no logos and no mounting screws to be seen. :)

His work is fantastic, he's super easy to work with, and his prices are insanely low for the results he gives his customers. I don't put my name behind a lot of people, but this is one person I do!
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