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Originally Posted by Prolab View Post
So how do you put files on the phone? Actually taking off the SD card?

Which carrier is your Note 2 from?
Well, with the Note 1 I just put the phone into USB/Mass storage mode in settings. Used that a lot (mentioned this functionality earlier in this thread as a reason I like to have a huge SD card). Yesterday, I wanted to move some files from work and could not find the setting. Looked in the usual places for Android (ie. Networks, Storage) and did not see it. Google-fu helped me determine that I need root in order to install an app.

I have not tried at home, but I believe the USB mode Google enabled will work on Win7 for one file at a time I believe (will verify this on the weekend), but not XP which we have at work. I could take the card out and use an adapter, but thats a pain.

Could use dropbox or 'the cloud', but thats no good when I want to transfer a 200mb file.

This lack of USB mass storage is a real kick in the balls actually and I am not sure if its Google or Samsung's fault. I should not have to hack a phone in order to get back functionality many previous versions of Android had, sort of like those who have a hate on for MS who took away the start menu lol.
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