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LOL. Yeah its definitely on me. Seriously going on 36 hours here so my reply might have came off...douche....err...'cold'. :P

But just want to make it clear that if there is something missing always ask. No matter how 'foolish' it may sound in your head. It may lead to a great addition. DanGTX - bless his heart - suggested in his usual odd manner what became the FireFox test. It took awhile but it was a great addition to the reviews. So if there is something missing, I will try and add it in....if at all possible. No guarantees of course. :)

And yeah I think your guess is spot on. It SHOULD be one of the fastest 480s out there. Really hope Corsair or another mfg'er brings out a 16IC Toggle Mode 240GBer. Corsair has left a door open that should not have been left open. :(
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