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Originally Posted by EmptyMellon View Post
Ah, finally. Been looking forward to this review, from AkG/HWC. Interesting read on the (sparse) details of the LAMD controller.

Eventually, will be looking to replace my M4 (128GB), and the Neutron GTX 240 seems like a good candidate for the work machine, just waiting for LAMD's firmware update for the Neutrons - if they can tweak the 4k reads even a bit more would be awesome.

So if I understood the IC setup correctly, than a Neutron GTX 360 or 480 with 16 ICs of Toshiba Toggle NAND, should in theory annihiliate any and all competition, unless of course there is more to it than that amature-hour conclusion.
I am sorry that you did not like our "amature-hour conclusion". Could you specific on what you found lacking?
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