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My System Specs


You have a good eye - that is a painting of Bayview Junction near Hamilton, Ontario, it shows a CN Steamer waiting until a CP steamer passes the junction, and there are two black CN steam helper engines waiting to assist the next train heading up the Dundas climb, and off on another siding are two TH&B GP's in maroon & creme livery. It's called "Busy Bayview" by Larry Fisher. I met the artist in Toronto when Canada hosted the NMRA Annual Convention and he signed this print. Sadly that was a limited convention because it was scaled way back due to the SARS outbreak at the same time which discouraged many of the vendors and exhibitors from attending. Model Railroading is my other hobby. I've just bought a DCC System which will allow me to control my model railway via a computer - now I know what I'm going to do with all the left over spare parts I have from this A10 build - I have the makings of another salvaged RIG which I might use in my workshop - either that or I'll use my wife's old Vista laptop but probably reconfigure it as a Windows XP as I never liked Vista but XP was a fine system in its day. (I suppose I could see if it has the capacity to run Windows 7 but I would doubt it). The Railway software will also run in Linux which is a system I've heard of but have never used.

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