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Does anyone mind if I bump this? I am looking for headphones and/or mic for skype now.

I was told a usb mic works really well. Anyone agree? I was looking at headphone/mic combos. On shopbot, there are some stores that sell cheap ones. There's also the ones by logitech which seem popular but I don't if they work well.

Then someone told me a usb mic is really good in skype and voice is heard well by the other end. I thought it might be annoying though as you would have to move it around? Wouldn't there be a problem with the keyboard in front of you and then moving to get close to the mic?

A headset/mic combo might be more versatile? Can anyone suggest anything? I've read of plantronics and logitech for brands. There's a store called Dinobot that has a ton of cheap headsets but not sure of quality. My budget limit is $30. I just don't want to buy something that is only average or that has problems. The usb mic is at various outlets for a good price and I could either use my own headphones or have more choices.

Also, some people say to get the 3.5 pin type rather than usb. I was leaning towards usb. What does anyone think? Any recommendations? I can order online so as long as total cost is under $40...

Help? :)
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