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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
You should be using HDMI rather than VGA anyways. You can pickup a cheap HDMI cable for a couple of bucks at Monoprice or DealExtreme or something similar. FYI Black Friday is the weekend after Thanksgiving in the States, where people line up like crazy trying to get a few items that are on sale at different stores. Some of the deals are extremely good but in very limited quantaties. Since a lot of Canadians liked to head down to the States and shop during this weekend, Canadian retailers started taking part in Black Friday sales as to keep business within the country. TV's are usually on sale on Black Friday which is why I mentioned it. I see you already bought one though, so yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay at waiting but some people are impatient. :) I've been told the hdmi cables have arrived so 1080p res. should be available now. :)

The Black Friday sale might be interesting. I wouldn't mind a larger screen myself. :) Do you know anything about splitting cable (TV)?

Originally Posted by summak View Post
which led tv did you buy?? bcuz most of them, which are lower than 30inch, have a 720p resolution. For example the new line of IPS LED TV by LG, i wanted a small one, but then figured out that the resolution it supports is a 720p native
now i wish i had came here earlier and told you that bit of info :(

LED LCD TVs: Find Best LED Televisions | LG India

there you will see that the low end ones only have 720p support[HD ready, sounds familiar?]
if it is possible to return it, please do so and get a dedicated Monitor that has a hdmi output and dvi for your purposes. I would prefer the Asus PA238Q, its an IPS panel, with enough connectivity features for your use.
Oh, it's a native 1080p LED TV. It's the Toshiba (same one in the video above) 24L4200U. It was agreed that no matter the set, it would be 1080p.

I thought it would have been best to wait but some people are impatient. Yeah, that LG 32" set looks good and is IPS. The potential problem I see is that it probably would be out of the budget. I'm guessing that is a $600 set once it's available here.

I think 1080p was the priority and it was deemed acceptable at the 24" size. I'm not sure what I'd want if I was buying for myself. I like having a TV or some video playing in the background.
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