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Originally Posted by GregH View Post
Spent about 10m on some gear upgrades that kept my DPS about the same (95k unbuffed, 160k buffed) but gave another 100k EHP and things are going much smoother now :)
Focusing on one resist for OWE, although cheezy, made a big difference too as I'm now at 600 AR vs 400-500 previously, and that will go up another hundred or more once I grab Nat's boots.

Also, just grabbed a Nat's ring for 18m b/o but haven't equipped it yet as it's a DPS decrease for me, at least until I can get the boots as well for the 7% crit bonus.

Updated profile: Shyla | Monk | Diablo 3 DPS & EHP Calculator

Still looking for a life steal Skorn and some better gloves/belt/amulet with more DPS/EHP, but those can wait until after I get Nat's boots.
I do have ~20m worth of gear listed on the AH right now, so hopefully that will sell and I'll be close to affording the boots tonight.

Oh yeah, Alkaizer runs at MP0 with buffed sweeping wind & tempest rush is hilariously awesome. 1/4 of a Paragon level each run, and each run takes maybe 10 mins tops, plus gives two full inventories worth of rares.
have you tried activating sweeping wind w/ the skorn, then swap to two one-handers and keep sweeping wind up so it doesn't de-activate? Sweeping wind cyclones damage is based on your character DPS at the time you first activate it, and carries through till it drops (which is why Inna's set can be so powerful).

There's a video up of a monk beating the crap out of MP10 azmodan using this method.
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