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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
Xtremesystems member Martin does a TON of fan testing. These Zalmans fared very very well, even beating out the Petras modified Yateloons. Buy Zalman ZM-F3 120MM Sleeve Bearing Case Fan Black 900/1800RPM 20/34DBA 3PIN Connector

I just ordered 6 for my new build.
I was just reading about those Zalman fans on the Xtreme Systems yesterday.
Sorry to go a little off-topic, CanadaRox will that Swiftech MCW30 block fit on a P45 chipset. Oh and just saw sidewinder computers having that EK in stock.. EK Waterblocks EK-NB/SB 5 - Acetal

Plus they have farely reasonable price shipping to Canada. edit: First Class International shipping rate is just under $3 anyway.
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