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My System Specs


About your SuperPi result, that looks about correct:
Overclocking the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor - Super Pi 1.5 and ScienceMark 2.0 - Legit Reviews
AMD's single-thread performance is in some cases behind the Core2 line, and the fact that SuperPi is an older benchmark doesn't play well with AMD's Piledriver architecture which posts embarrassing performance levels on older instruction sets: AMD Trinity A10-5800K APU Review
That said, an overclocked FX-6200 should beat your older CPU in newer applications.

I'd recommend more than 1 stress test to check. Linpack is RAM-heavy as well as CPU-heavy, so a test to complement it would be something that fits in cache, like OCCT Small Data Set or Prime95 Small FFT.

As mentioned, you won't notice an RAM speed bumps in gaming, especially on older Intel architecture. If you dig up an old memory benchmark, you'll find RAM speeds and timings didn't even matter when the C2D is paired with cheap DDR2-800 RAM. Timings matter in real-world applications only if you're using integrated graphics (e.g. AMD Llano and Trinity).
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