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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Left the house at 8am, 100% charge. Some lte browsing, and showing it off to people all day, and sitting at 65% now.
What is your screen on time?

Originally Posted by WhippWhapp View Post
Only thing holding me back from a Note is Touchwiz, I prefer stock android and the immediate updates that Nexus devices offer.
Same for me. I do root and install custom ROMs but if the dev support for the canadian/at&t note2 is anything like the note 1, then screw it, not worth waiting especially in the fast moving world of android.

I'll be getting the nexus 4 regardless because of the price, something tells me I'm gonna like it. Note 2 is a great looking phone though but personally I can't deal with being 2 android versions behind. The cyanogenmod team can only do so much without official source code, and so far for the note 1 (both versions) it's been a rough ride. 4.1 still isn't stable and 4.2 is already out! No thanks!! Not to mention there is only 1 kernel dev now and he only updates twice a month.

I'm gonna miss my big screen but i'm gonna enjoy 4.2 enough to justify it

Glad you're enjoying the note2 chris, post some screenshots of your battery stats if you can!
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