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For CPU block, the D-Tek V2 is awesome, and even better with a quad midplate for your Q6600. I'd recommend the MCR320 over the PA120.3 unless you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, just because there is <2C with low speed fans. If your going with some nice high speed fans, the Black Ice Xtreme is the rad to get, but it lacks with low speed fans. The MCP655 (aka Laing D5) is a great pump and is very quiet, especially when that foam pad that comes with it is used. For the resevoir, pretty much anything other than a bay-res is good. I've heard bay-res's are very hard to bleed and such. And with 7/16" tubing over 1/2" barbs you will get an amazing seal, but it'll take a bit of elbow grease to get it on the MCP655 (some boiling water did the trick for me). D-Tek 1/2" barbs and 7/16" tubing is fairly easy to get on (what I use). I've used the Swiftech 7/16" and it works great. And Tygon tubing is amazing, but costs a pretty penny. For the fans, that depends on your noise tolerance. If you want something quiet, get the Yate Loon D12SL-12's (from Petra's Tech Shop, as they have a different distributor than most other stores). If you want something with a bit more power, San Ace H1101's are amazing, but they are very hard to find and expensive, so a 38mm thich Panaflo would be my 2nd recommendation. The X38/48 NB doesn't run too hot, but lots of people have gotten better overclocks by putting them under water. The MCW30 from Swiftech is a nice low restriction NB block, but isn't the sexiest thing out there. I like the look of the EK NB/SB-5 (the EK universal block) but I don't think any retailers in Canada have it in stock, so you'd be stuck getting it from the US.
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