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Default Struggling with DVD burning =(


Im trying to burn a few films I have made that are quite long and are MP4 files. Converting the type of file isn't really an option as it would take ages!

I want them to be playable in any DVD player! :)

It says the files are VLC media files (.mp4)

when I double click them they open with VLC media player and play fine ect

I am trying to burn them to a blank DVD with Nero Multimedia Suite 10 which is licenced.

When I find my film and try and import it to Nero I get this message.

<One or more files could not be added to a compilation.

The following files may not reside in the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD-Video compilation. Only compliant DVD-Video files
can be added to the VIDEO_TS folder. Please add files from a completed DVD-Video title or use an authoring software like Nero Vision to create DVD-Video files from standard video files such as *.avi and *.mpg. >

I have no idea what to do.

I have tried Nero, DvdFlick, CdburnerXP, wondershare DVD creator - I have tried so many different programmes.

Can anyone tell me what to do? I thought this would be easier.
I have premiere Pro, could I import to that and burn straight to DVD from there?! :-/

Thanks in advance guys :)

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