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My System Specs


Originally Posted by mrjuggles View Post
Sure seems like you planned this out to perfection.

I was just curious why you decided on a dual loop? IMHO it would have looked cleaner to go directly from the cpu block to the gpu block, but my preference is for the least amount of tubing possible.
Its not actually a true dual loop system, ie. there is not one pump for the CPU and one pump for the GPU. Let me try to explain.

The reservoir has two separate compartments, with the ability to parallel them (take out a plug and make one large reservoir, which I have done)
I did this so that the water from the CPU and GPU will mix giving a constant ambient temperature from the two loops and so that one loop won't run hotter than the other.

There are also four "ports" on the back side of the reservoir, P1-In, P1-Out, P2-In, P2-Out. The "P's" refer to Pump 1 & Pump 2, in my case there are two pumps to push water.

Here's how the loops are configured:

1) P1-Out sends water from the reservoir up through the large radiator to get cooled
2) This water then comes back down and goes through the CPU water block
3) Hot water from the CPU block is pushed back into the reservoir through port P2-In CROSSING OVER TO WHAT WE CAN CALL THE GPU LOOP SIDE
4) Port P2-Out pushes water down and through the small radiator
5) The cooled water from this radiator is then pushed through the GPU water block
6) Water then re-enters the port P1-In CROSSING OVER BACK TO THE CPU LOOP SIDE
7) Repeat

Here's my concept thread for this project:

Haf X Water Cooling Loop Concept
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