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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
I gave these drivers a go. It took over 20 minutes and fail to install. Gave a few more go, still no good. Keep telling me to install the stx and retry.

Originally Posted by francisw19 View Post
I got the 1794 build here under Windows 7 x64 and no crackling problems or anything. If you have another PCIe slot, maybe trying moving the card to see if it helps. When the Creative X-Fi cards had the crackling issues years ago, this was often suggested due to IRQ conflics (IIRC) it might be worth a try with your Xonar.
I would love to try a different pcie but I am limited on a p67 board, The STX's old location was secondary PCIE x16 slot. But I would want to run my upcoming gpu at x16.

So I when back to driver 1777. Music sounds better now. The 1794 Had no problems with music and movies. But it seems a bit muddy with the LME49720s.

Thank you all.
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