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My System Specs


Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
When you use VM, you have 3 choices for your virtual network,

NAT; it will share the same NIC as the HOST PC,
Bridged ; the NIC will be use only by the VM
Internal: not usefull here

NIC 1 ( bridge ) ; use by PFsence in the VM to connect to the WAN, example a cable modem
NIC 2 ( bridge) ; use by PFsence to connect to your switch
NIC 3 ; use to connect the host to the switch

with this setup it's like if you are using PfSense in a dedicated PC , depending o the VM hypervisor it can be very hard to make your PCs on the network communicate with Pfsense if you are using NAT

here a small drawing, the VM is represented as a smaller pc inside the host
Thanks for adding the pic. Honestly this way seems the easiest to me. I have room for my NICs in my rig so I'll probably end up just doing this. I'd rather not have to use ESXi, which I have no experience with. I also use the server as my backup machine so I'd rather not be running it in a VM all the time.

Originally Posted by Ardric View Post
Seems pretty straightforward. NIC #1 is assigned exclusively to the pfsense VM and is used as the WAN connection to the cable modem. NIC #2 is bridged with the pfsense VM and this bridge is the LAN. pfsense can number itself as the gateway IP on the LAN bridge, and the host can number itself on the "physical" NIC #2 as another LAN host. NIC #2 is then connected to a LAN switch for any other LAN clients that want to join in. There's no need for a 3rd NIC at all. Just a software-only bridge on the LAN side.
VirtualBox can't get exclusive control over NIC1 (WAN) though, maybe because I don't have Vt-d?

I've tried turning off IPv4 for the NIC1 in Windows, however I lose internet on the host machine. Everything connected to the switch on NIC2 still has internet. I am also still able to connect to my internet network from the host. Just no internet. It more than likely is a setting issue somewhere in VirtualBox or pfsense, but I haven't been able to figure it out.
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