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heavily insist on him using ONE 27" at first. using 3 27" has an extremely high potential for neck strain (depending on how much desk space he has and how good his vision is).

I'll give you some recommendations on good multi-mon setups for developers (I do web programming as well). Keep in mind that this is SOLELY my opinion and he may have other preferred setups.

27" with 2 portrait-mode 1080p
27" with 2 landscape-mode 1080p
2 27"
3 1080p
27" with 1 1080p
2 1080p

another thing to keep in mind is that with multi-mon and large res (>1080p) screens, your setup benefits greatly when you have supporting software for resizing windows and other misc multi-mon stuff. (such as displayfusion and divvy[i'm told this is good] - once again, everyone will have their own preferences).

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