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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
I'd wait a bit before grabbing an AX anything right now.

The AX series are being phased out slowly for the new DSP Designed AXi models.

If you are in no rush (since your system has ample power from the X3 PSU) wait for them to launch.
Probably some of the best units out there if you look at how the AX1200i was designed.

Even if the AX series is being phased out they are still great power supplies and will continue to be. PSU's don't have a ton of resell value anyways and I doubt the OP is planning to sell it ever. We are talking PSU's here not CPU or mobo.

I say there is nothing wrong with grabbing an AX series. Of course it wouldn't hurt to grab an AXi if op can wait but no need to wait.
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