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My System Specs


Thanks for the responses guys. Much appreciated.

Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
How much space does he have? The reason I ask is that if he truly wants 2560x1440, he is looking at 27" or larger screens, at least that I'm aware of at present, so he will require a lot of desk real estate. If he does go for that res, I would say the HP zr2740w is probably the best bang-for-the-buck at the moment... Mfr. Part Number: XW476A8#ABA.
He has pretty much an unlimited space. He has a very large room in use for his computer room. He will either have a desk custom built or will find the biggest one he can. We are aware of the space it would take up. I will look into that monitor for sure. Last night I looked into the famous Yamakasi Catleaps and they run around $400 so that would be very affordable.

Originally Posted by bliz View Post
If you don't have budget limit, it depends, for everything but games you can take the 2560x1440 but if you play with them i hope you have also 2000$ to spend in GPUs,because FPS on those big resolutions suck, and MULTI MONITOR,means you will need 2 monster GPUs , 1 DVI and HDMI on each card i guess... 1080p is very good and seriously, i don't see why buying those big resolutions, better image of course but when you play it's not much different.. if you have AA x16,no need... and it will be 4000$ in the monitors i guess,unless you buy super cheap panels.. not worth the price.i vote for 1080p

PS: 120hz for 2560x1440 are horribly expensive and it's not worth the price,i think a few overclocked screens do that, i'm not sure,what is sure is that most 2560x1440 are 60hz

Ok if you wan't 4 super high quality panels that will piss of your computer and your GPU, take dual 680 ,because it's faster and overall, a 680 is better and generally cooler and ... more expensive of course..and anyway i prefer nvidia ,Making GPU's is their job and the drivers are better..

But seriously, when you buy a 2560x1440 it is generally for single monitor^^

Finally ,i say that 4 2560x1440 are NOT WORTH THE PRICE AT ALL because you will need way better GPU's just for a little better image.. seriously, throw AA x16 or 32 if you want and it will almost be the same for 2x cheaper.

Bliz like stated triple monitor gaming is not a priority. At the moment he doesn't even play any games that support triple monitors but he wants the option in the future in the event he finds a game he really enjoys that is triple monitors. It is more for work then anything. He always has multiple programs open while he is coding and likes to have a tab or 2 of google open among other things like monitoring stocks. 2 monster GPU's is no problem. I told him he better be expecting to pay upwards of $2500 for his gpu's and monitors and he said that is fine.

We will discuss the 1080p option and I will try to get him to a store where he can view a 2560x1440 to see the difference. I realize it may seem silly to you but he really really wants all the monitor space he can get for work. 4x 24" 1080P SHOULD technically be enough but he said "Maybe I will just ball out and go all 2560x......" Both options will be explored though. Thanks and I appreciate your opinion. 120hz is by no means a requirement here, 60hz is fine. Again gamin is only secondary or tertiary.

I prefer Nvidia myself but we are not partial to any company. I guessed the 7970's would be the proper choice because of the extra vram and I always see people say AMD is the way to go with extreme resolutions. Your advice will be taken into consideration on the 1080p's. Thanks a bunch :D


I would love some other input from anyone who has multi monitor setup.
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