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My System Specs


If you don't have budget limit, it depends, for everything but games you can take the 2560x1440 but if you play with them i hope you have also 2000$ to spend in GPUs,because FPS on those big resolutions suck, and MULTI MONITOR,means you will need 2 monster GPUs , 1 DVI and HDMI on each card i guess... 1080p is very good and seriously, i don't see why buying those big resolutions, better image of course but when you play it's not much different.. if you have AA x16,no need... and it will be 4000$ in the monitors i guess,unless you buy super cheap panels.. not worth the price.i vote for 1080p

PS: 120hz for 2560x1440 are horribly expensive and it's not worth the price,i think a few overclocked screens do that, i'm not sure,what is sure is that most 2560x1440 are 60hz

Ok if you wan't 4 super high quality panels that will piss of your computer and your GPU, take dual 680 ,because it's faster and overall, a 680 is better and generally cooler and ... more expensive of course..and anyway i prefer nvidia ,Making GPU's is their job and the drivers are better..

But seriously, when you buy a 2560x1440 it is generally for single monitor^^

Finally ,i say that 4 2560x1440 are NOT WORTH THE PRICE AT ALL because you will need way better GPU's just for a little better image.. seriously, throw AA x16 or 32 if you want and it will almost be the same for 2x cheaper.
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