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My System Specs


That's really hard to say, because data isn't stored on modern drives the same way they were on old drives, making the old drive data useless. Who knows... that PMR tech that they use in the platters these days may enhance or shorten lifespan of data. I suppose there could be simulation tests or some artificial tests out there, but I haven't seen one yet (and haven't been looking).

I don't know what kind of records you're trying to maintain in a time capsule, but if it's personal data I'd just copy it over to newer and newer media as it becomes available. My backups started on 640MB CDs and I went up to 2x 1.5 TB hard drives (I'll buy more when the drives get full). Just make sure to verify the stuff copied properly, as my biggest source of "degradation" is something not copying properly (e.g. Windows decides to enforce filesystem privileges when you don't want to) or me forgetting to copy it
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