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Default 4 monitor setup - Need help

So my brother wants to do a 4 monitor setup. He programs, does web development, runs a server and monitors stock market among other things. He also games and wants to have the option to multi monitor game but it is not priority. He has never used a 2560x1440 and neither have I but I am thinking bigger is better and I am trying to push this resolution on him since he can afford it and it sounds to me like he wants the ultimate setup(plus it will be fun for me). There is no budget in mind but obviously we want a good bang for our buck and will not just go ridiculous with it. Should he be going 2560x1440 x4 or is 1920x1080 x4 enough? He wants 3 on the bottom and 1 on top all in landscape.

Help us pick the right cards and monitors. 7970 crossfire?
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