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My System Specs


Originally Posted by geoc View Post
It's an acer 3830tg with a core i3 (the lowest end one). The reason why want to upgrade is because i find myself starting to use my laptop more and more. Certain programs I use are somewhat could intensive (lots of emulating answer simulations), I can get a quad chip for cheap off ebay, so I was thinking of upgrading.
Ok, I definitely wouldn't put a quad I7 into that 13" sub notebook, you are risking almost certain destruction. According to Acer it will support up to a dual-core I7-2620m but even then I wouldn't do it, for reasons previously stated. In reading up on this laptop, it seems that it suffers from the same BIOS settings that arbitrarily throttle CPU perofrmance in some other Acer laptops, so an upgrade might not even help much, unless Acer comes out with a new BIOS addresses this issue... and this isn't very likely at this point.

If you want some more speed, your best investment would be an SSD. Pick up a 256gb Crucial M4... NCIX regularly has some decent sales on them. You wont believe the difference. You also might want to max out the RAM to 8gb since memory is so cheap.
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