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Well HWC crew, i made a purchase on amazon and was given two promo codes for world of tanks.

One being an "invitation code to join World of Tanks, complete with bonuses. Your invitation code is good for 1000 in-game gold and 3 Day Premium Account status. You must be a new player to receive these benefits and simply need to input the code when you create your World of Tanks account."

And another which "
entitle you a special promotion code, good for 10 Large First Aid Kits and 10 Large Repair Kits, for use in World of Tanks."

i dont plan on playing any WoT, (to be fair i haven't even looked at any game-play videos, but maybe that's for the better. Too many games to play and too many more important things to deal with in life)

If any contributing member of HWC is interested in trying the game (and thinking they may like it), send me a pm and ill gladly pass these activation codes your way. (when i imply contributing, i mean ATLEAST what, 30 posts? and of some legitimate advice/value/statement? not looking to give away freebies to any potential leechers)

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