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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I'll have a second look, but my impression is that I'm only seeing WCG projects.

edit: Nope, it's there I was just reading it wrong. It defaults to making WCG projects easy to manage, but still allows you to go off "site" to connect to different projects.

Signed up for WCG, Rossetta, and GPUgrid, and I'm assuming they'll play nice in the sandbox together (mostly curious about how well the GPU tasks are handed off between the WCG GPU and GPUgrid projects).

The only question still remaining is if I should go back to a standard install which would then allow me to apply my sswilson boinc name to wcg. (WCG wouldn't allow it because the name was already taken by boinc).
If you are going to switch I'd do it now. The newer 7.0.28 version of Boinc does have a few so called upgrades to it that might take some getting used to but if sounds like it would be easier to manage/join other projects as compared to the WCG version.

The newer version also includes a larger group of projects already listed which cuts down on the number you might have hunt down and manually enter the URL for.

Watch out for those WCG-HCC GPU WU's they are very short and will cause lag, the GPUGrid WU's are much longer and don't. The difference in lengh might confuse the schedular and cause it to D/L an awful lot of the WCG WU's.

I usally run only the CPU units when crunching WCG but then I'm a badge-hunter and the GPU WU's don't do much for that...
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