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last night I found an IK helm last night that rolled max str (200) & 73 all resist.. lowest priced one on the AH w/ 190 str is listed at just under 500mil.. woot. Found it in A3 MP0. Been trying to make a push to plvl 70 before COD comes out.. and I am actually ahead of schedule.

as for fighting high MP level ubers, you really need a good CM wizard to lock things down, or else you'll need everyone really well geared and co-ordinated as a group to counter all the things that the ubers throw at you.

You have to deal with magda's bugs and shields, while SK teleports and has some attack animations that look like he's just moving forward. Or with ZK, you'll need to work around all his bubbles and nadoes, while keeping seigebreaker occupied, and try to beat them before they hard enrage, where ZK will start telo-one-shotting everyone and seigebreaker will start leaching life.

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