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I've spoken to both Western Digital and Seagate about this very issue in the past and they each told me that the rated "shelf-life" for the platters in their drives is only seven years. Tape companies like Fuji, Quantum, HP, etc. have told me that their tapes are rated for up to 30 years! Now, the ironic part about these two statements is that in real-world testing for some of the banks, we found that tapes were starting to degrade after only a few years, and that hard drives were perfectly fine after a decade or more. So, it would seem that hdd manufacturers are very conservative in their estimates whereas tape companies seem to be highly optimistic. I guess that somewhat makes sense since the primary use of tapes is for archival purposes, so of course the manufacturers are going to try to make it look as rosy as possible. All this to say that I agree with Enaberif when he says that nobody really knows.
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